Friday, March 18, 2016

Available: Atari and Sega

Atari and Sega live together in Maryland, but do not necessarily need to be placed together. They get along with each other, but are not exceedingly fond of each other!

Atari is a fawn and white male, ten years old. For those of you familiar with our dogs, he is Juliet's brother from the 2006 Phonetics litter. He is still a bit rambunctious and would do best in an active home with older kids and someone to do stuff with him. He's too rough for younger children and would knock a toddler down with his exuberance!

Atari is okay with indoor cats, but we don't advise leaving any whippet unsupervised with cats. He mostly gets along with other dogs, though he can be protective of  his food. He would probably be happiest in an only-dog home where a person is home most of the time, He's fine to leave alone uncrated, actually does not like the crate. He rings a bell to go out to potty and does not mark in the house. He has had some obedience and agility training, but it's been awhile. He doesn't like riding in the car, but tolerates it without getting sick.

Atari is leash trained but not great on the leash; he gets over-excited and pulls a lot when he sees other dogs, cars, people, whatever. His ideal home would be one with a fenced yard where he could run, where no one takes him a lot of places in the car and is not especially big on walking him on a leash.

He is neutered and up to date on all veterinary care and vaccinations.

Sega is a red and white almost-ten-year-old female who would  be best in a home with no kids. She is
Sega (left) and Atari (right)
also okay with indoor cats. Sega is good in a crate and is used to being crated during the day while owners are at work, and she sleeps in a crate. She rings a bell to be let outside to potty. Sega has her rally novice title and has had obedience training as well. In the interest of full disclosure, we'll state upfront that she is a counter surfer. She loves the car and does well in it. Sega is a couch potato and is perfectly happy to lie around the house all day!

She is spayed and up to date on all veterinary care and vaccinations.

If you'd like to learn more about Atari or Sega, contact Andrea at

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