Friday, October 10, 2008

Puppies at almost-three weeks

This is the last week of unsullied enjoyment of puppies for me. We're starting the solid food on Sunday and then Candy will quit. Not everything, but she'll quit cleaning them. And that's when we go to 24 hours of picking up papers, robbing the recycle bins for more papers, and checking my clothes for puppy poop every time I leave the house.

Candy is still being a wonderful mom, but she is -- you can tell -- a little worn out. She no longer rushes to get back to them, but hangs out with me any time I leave the "nursery." I used to think it was because she had to go out, but mostly I think she just wants adult company. I remember those days! So she comes downstairs, visits with Dad, follows me out to the clothesline, settles in the living room for awhile, and then goes back to Mommy Duty.

Thank goodness, the puppies are all healthy and robust. gaining weight daily. They're all spoken for, I think, though next week is "deposit week" and sometimes people change their minds at the last minute. And then we have Juliet's litter due the 27th of this month!


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