Monday, June 18, 2012

New Champion Henry!

Well, whoever crossed their fingers for us, it worked! Henry (Ch Sporting Fields Move On, father of Rini's litter from 10/19/2010) finished his AKC championship yesterday in North Carolina. He spent just ONE weekend out with professional handler Michelle Queen, and on the second day of the dog shows he won Winners Dog for 3 points -- that elusive major. We're so proud of our pretty boy and grateful to Michelle for taking good care of him (he slept in bed with her) on the road.

Ch Sporting Fields Move On "Henry" with Michelle Queen

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Chasing majors

To become an AKC champion, a dog has to earn 15 points. Of those 15, he has to have two "majors" which are 3 points or more at a single show. These majors have to be earned from two different judges. The way they calculate points is by how many dogs he beats. For example, in Virginia, defeating 7 dogs is a 3 point major, defeating 10 is 4 points, and defeating 14 is a 5 point major (the most you can earn at one show).

Our Henry "Sporting Fields Move On" -- father of Rini's first litter -- has 14 points with one major. We're hoping to finish his championship this fall, so that his kids and grandkids will have another champion in their pedigrees. We've entered him at some shows in North Carolina in the middle of June, and hired a professional handler to show him.

They just released the entry numbers for the shows and they ARE majors! So that's two chances that Henry will have to get those elusive majors. We're crossing our fingers =)

Sometimes it can take months or even years to find the right judge on the right day, so I'm keeping that in consideration and will keep trying if this first weekend out doesn't turn out to be the magic combination. But maybe you could cross your fingers for us, just in case!