Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Candy Dish Litter and Shakespeare?

Well, we had to call them that, didn't we? Updated pictures are in our Picasa album and on their litter page. The webcam didn't work in the long run. We have satellite internet -- all we can get out here -- and it wasn't compatible with any webcam service we could find. Sigh. Maybe by our next litter they will have run cable or gotten a decent wireless out here.

However, thanks to my brilliant daughter, Johannah the web designer, we have the next best thing: a chatroom with a slideshow! We're usually there around seven or eight in the evening and sometimes you can find people hanging out there in the afternoon too. The slideshows there have pictures from Candy's litter and Juliet's as well. (Yes, Juliet has a litter too...that's what comes of saying, "I really doubt XXX will get pregnant this time; she's already missed two breedings. Let's just breed XXX as a 'backup.'" That is how you get XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX puppies.)

Meanwhile all pups are doing great -- we've moved the Candy Dish downstairs to the doggy den now where they have more room. And Juliet's babies, the Shakespeare Litter, are snuggled in upstairs. I am running back and forth between them all day and much of the night...more on the Prima Donna Mother later.