Thursday, April 12, 2012

Payton Helps Out in the Shower

The Irrepressible Payton
 This post came to a whippet email list from our dear friend (and Party's breeder) Dwight Caffee in Oklahoma. It is simply too good to keep to myself!

I woke up this morning - It's gonna be a great day -

e all know that whippets will accompany you to the bath if you don't shut the door - WELLL I didn't get it all the way shut the other day -

I was in the shower and I heard the door slam open - Payton had entered the room with his usual gusto - he doesn't do anything calmly - everything is in a grand style and with enthusiasm - as I said I was in the shower -

About that time he decided to join me, so under the shower curtain and into the tub he came, wagging his tail so hard his whole body is wagging - he's getting soaking wet and bouncing around the tub like a whirlwind - here I am - trying to stay on the no slip pad - on 1 1/2 legs trying to find something to hang onto - get rid of the bar of soap and wash cloth without dropping it where I might step on it and me yelling like a banshee for him to get out - it's a crowd for a person and a 50ish pound rambunctious whippet in close quarters -

He finally decides to get out but the shower curtain is on the inside of the tub - he was convinced that he
got in that way he could get out the same way - so he puts his front feet on the side of the tub and holds down the shower curtain and jumps out anyway - down comes the whole thing rod and all - out onto the floor a very wet Payton, shower curtain and rod tangled up - he extricates himself and leaves the room shaking, running thru the house and throwing water everywhere -

Meanwhile I'm still yelling at him and trying to get out of the tub without slipping on the tangle of  shower curtain, so I'm half way out and hanging on for dear life to stay upright and here he comes again and jumps
back in the tub - the water is still running so he is getting wet again and shaking more, that 2X4 tail wagging like hell beating everything to death and getting the whole bathroom soaked, floor to and including the ceiling -- he jumps out again and I caught him with a towel and at least got some of the water off of him by the time we got into the kitchen - I was chasing him down buck naked still dropping wet myself - finally got the shower turned off - rehung the shower rod and curtain, got back in the shower to finish MY shower and the water was cold - nuff of that - I don't do cold showers - took 6 towels to mop up all the water-

and that was just the start of my day -

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