Monday, September 12, 2011

Young puppy available

UPDATE: Daisy will be going home Thursday to her new home in Arlington, Virginia...welcome to the Timbreblue family, Elise and Aaron!
Daisy is a female brindle whippet puppy from Chippy's latest litter, born June 4th. Her placement with her new family didn't work out (whippet puppies take a lot of supervision and one-on-one attention for the first few months) so she is available again. Daisy LOVES attention ... while the other dogs are playing and getting into trouble, Daisy wants lap time and cuddling.

We only place young puppies in homes where someone will be home all day for at least the first few months. Whippets are very social and they need lots of attention and socialization to grow into responsible adults. Please contact us if you are interested.

Pair of adult whippets available

NOTE 10/07/2011: Ilu and Levi have a home lined up and will be going for a trial visit soon. We hope for the best for these awesome sweet whippets. Thank you to all who inquired.
Hi guys, a breeder friend of ours has two whippets available, she wants to keep them together in a new home. Here is what she said about them:

Illu and Levi
Due to a job and having to move across the country and not living in the proper accommodations for dogs, I have two wonderful Whippets available. If anyone knows of a home looking for two wonderful companions, I have a brother and sister pair available and I would very much like to keep them together if possible. Illu (boy) and Levi (girl) will be 5 years old in November, are spayed and neutered, up to date on everything, know basic obedience and even a few tricks (especially Levi), they are good with kids having lived with a baby/toddler.

Of course they are house broken, crate trained, leash trained, etc. I would really really like to keep these two together, they have been together their whole lives and I would hate to part them. No rush, they have been here for some time while their owners were figuring out if they would continue with the job out west or come back east and they are now staying on the other coast due to a job opportunity. Here is a picture of them together, playing outside :) Levi is on the right, Illu on the left. They love toys (Illu especially), treats and lots of love!

If you are interested, please contact me at for more info.