Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Please help us find JD the missing whippet puppy!

JD is a 6 month old whippet puppy who has been missing in Annapolis, MD since October 29th. Please help us find him! His mother is a Timbreblue whippet so he is family!

From Bobbie Lutz, JD's breeder:

Here's the latest on Ashley's missing baby JD.  Sun., the 10th, we had a 2nd dog tracker out & she tracked his scent (& air tracked him part of the way) to a different side of the park where he was lost.  So there is still hope he's out there somewhere.   Although the search team has pulled out the humane traps, 4 feeding stations have been put down in the new area.

The MD "Whippet Playdate Group" who have members on it who're part of the WRAP Rapid Response Team for such things have been instrumental on trying to help get JD home to his owner Chris, who is a single guy.  Chris only had him a month & 1/2 before he slipped past him as he was unloading him from his car at a new dog park there in Annapolis.

Fran McHugh (from the Rapid Response Team) posted a message to the administrators of the Lost and Found Pets of Anne Arundel County web site (as well as a couple other related web sites) to ask for volunteers in that area to help post more fliers and to man the feeding stations.  She also created an email address findjdwhippet@gmail.com where folks who are interested in helping can send a note to sign up to help.

This is approximately what the FB posting will say:

"Help desperately needed!  We picked up JD's scent, but are having trouble getting people to man the feeding stations and put up fliers.  Please if you can man stations (takes only about 6 minutes each) please help.  Also, we would like to organize a community "flyer posting".  Our goal is to post 500 flyers.  If we simply get 20 volunteers to come out for just an hour or so to post 25 flyers each, we will meet our goal.  Please help bring this puppy home"!  Please if you are in the Broadneck Park area, please help us!"

We will need volunteers to perform duties associated with this effort.  If you can volunteer for #1 or #4 below  or to hang more fliers, let her know at that email address.

1. Supplies cache:
We need someone/somwhere to keep a stash of canned tripe and flour and to mix and replenish tripe spray.  This location will also keep a supply of fliers.  This needs to be nearby to the feeding stations (Broadneck Park area).  Instructions for maintaining the feed stations will be supplied.

2. Facebook Coordinator/Lead:
   Fran will do this & request volunteers to post more fliers in designated areas, and volunteers to check feeding stations once the FB Group is set up.  She lives in Glen Burnie, not Annapolis, so she needs someone nearer the scene to run the supply cache.

3. Fliers:
Fliers will be provided to volunteer in #1 once that person is identified.

4. Shelter Contact:
Fran will ask for a volunteer on FB to make a list of shelters to contact and make bi-weekly calls.

 Little JD turned 6 months old on Nov. 14 and we sure hope to get him back soon.  He's an outgoing Whippet with '"excessive greeting disorder" so I can't imagine him still wandering the woods alone.  Someone just has to have him & either hasn't seen the ads in the Annapolis Capital Gazette or the fliers posted, or they like him so much they don't want to give him back & we need to make them feel guilty about keeping him.

So if any of the Timbreblue Family (or others I've sent this note to) can help, please contact that new email address Fran McHugh has set up.   Encourage your friends in that area of Annapolis to help.  They don't have to own a Whippet or even be current dog owners, just a willingness & time to help.

Bobbie Lutz