Monday, September 14, 2015

Siren's pups are 8 weeks old!

Today is Monday, September 14, and Siren's pups are 8 weeks old today!! They continue to be sweet, smart, intuitive, adorable, and charming puppies every single day.

We are lucky enough to have wonderful homes for all of her puppies, and though they are traveling wide and far -- Velvet to Charlottesville VA, Dita to Atlanta GA, Cherie staying here in Camden SC, Channing to Concord NH, Marco to Virginia Beach VA, and Cashmere to Durham NC -- all of our new owners are active online so we're confident that we can stay in touch and get photos via Facebook as the puppies grow up.

Here's a photo of the babies sleeping peacefully tonight. They're so sweet, they make my heart skip a beat!