Monday, August 27, 2012

Puppies at Timbreblue again!

Although Jo and Derek raised a litter of puppies in December, we have not had a litter here at Timbreblue Virginia in over a year. While we still don't have a litter of our own, we are "babysitting" six puppies for a dear friend who is struggling with some health issues. These pups are very closely related to our own breeding and in fact look  just like one of our litters! For those of you who keep up with bloodlines and pedigrees, this litter is almost 100%  Appraxin. They were bred by Jo Pelton of Max Meadows, VA -- Jo has only two whippets of her own and the co-breeder, Patty Pelton, has just three, so these puppies have been well-loved and socialized.


We have had them here for about three weeks now and they are just delightful. We're treating them, of course, just as if they had been born here, and will place them in homes just as carefully as we place our own. Because we've gotten so attached to them, we'll be happy to provide support to their new owners just as we do our own, so in addition to having their "real" breeder to call on, the owners are welcome to call us as well.

The puppies' mother is Rajopa Dynahmight Dance At Appraxin  (Dynah) and their father is Rajo Appraxin Song And Dance Man (Logan).

Just like Timbreblue pups, these guys come with AKC registration application, microchip, toys, chewies, and books, a leash and collar, as well as handouts on puppy's first night home, housetraining, crate training, etc. As honorary Timbreblue family members, their owners will be invited to our annual reunion (this year October 13 in Harrisonburg, VA) and added to our email list. Our puppy owners truly are our family and they get to know each other through the years, many of them swapping dogsitting and playdates.

The puppies are well paper-trained at this point and are learning to go outside this week. We call it "housetraining readiness."

If you're interested in one of them, fill out the Timbreblue questionnaire (Jo does not have one online), give me a call at 540-464-8046 in the next few days and together we'll decide whether he would be a good match for you. We already have two of them tentatively promised, but there are four males still available as of today: Winchester, Remington, Tula, and Barrett.