Sunday, August 23, 2015

Photos of Siren's pups at 5 wks old

Hi guys! Just wanted to share photos of Siren's pups at 5 weeks old with my husband, Derek.... enjoy!!

In birth order....

#1 -- Velvet / Beatrice:

#2 -- Dita / Raleigh:

#3 -- Satine / Cherie (she is our keeper):

#4 -- Channing:

#5 -- Marco / Argyle:

#6 -- Cashmere / Alice:

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Siren's pups are 5 weeks old!

Siren's babies (the Glitter Litter!!) are five weeks old and we couldn't be prouder. They are fat, sassy, healthy and smart. This litter has been so vibrant since day one, they have been so easy and such good babies. We are lucky to have all of them placed. I'll introduce you to all of the puppies and where they are going.

Firstborn "Velvet" will be "Beatrice" and will be moving to Charlottesville, VA with the Yamauchi-Carson family.

Second born "Dita" will be "Raleigh" or "Timbreblue Suede Shoes" and will be going to Atlanta, Georgia with the Rhodes-Osborne family.

Third born "Satine" will be "Cherie" or "Timbreblue The Runaway" and will be staying here at Timbreblue in Camden, SC.

Fourth born "Channing" will be going to the Szpara family, to join his Timbreblue sister Lulu, in Virginia Beach, VA.

Fifth born "Marco" will be "Argyle" and will be moving to Concord, NH with the McNeal family.

Sixth born "Cashmere" will be "Alice" or "Timbreblue Alice in Glitterland" and will be moving to Durham, NC with Terry Kruger.