Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ivy!

Our Ivy turned 13 a few weeks ago. In talking about another oldster celebrating a birthday, one of our friends said, "Girl is a real sweetheart.  Seldom asks for anything.  Loves just being in the same room with her humans.  Goes about her daily life with calm, quiet dignity."  Well, I'm afraid I can;t say the same for Ivy. She asks for everything -- no, doesn't ask....demands. She does love her humans, like Girl, but sees us more as her devoted servants.
As far as calm and quiet dignity, she has not gotten to that part yet.  She still acts like a puppy, stealing a toy from the real puppies and flying around the yard with it in her mouth.  She's known as Grumpy Granny around here and the puppies don't cross her.  Neither do the adult dogs.  What Granny sez, GOES. 
Every morning she dashes into the guest room as soon as I wake up, chooses a toy from the upstairs toy box, and flies downstairs with it.  She has to take the toy outside with her to pee, regardless of how big the toy happens to be.  One of her favorites is a bear that's almost as big as she is, and how she gets  it downstairs, I don't know. She literally demands her treats, grumbles if she is not covered up properly, and expects to be treated like the queen she is.  Yes, we have spoiled her terribly and we continue to do so. I can't imagine any of our other girls even considering the stuff she gets away with. 
I hope she is still in this shape when the national rolls around.  I'm planning to show her in veterans if she feels up to it (which at this point, I'd say she will)  She has "honorable scars" in various places from having to put dogs (including a Doberman and a German Shepherd) back in line over the years and I don't expect her to win among the big stars who are bound to be in her class, but she dearly loves showing and it will be a nice last hurrah for her. I HATE showing, so I hope she will appreciate this!  I'd send her in with a handler, but she made it clear back during the show days that if SHE was going in the ring, I was going in the ring.
So happy birthday to all the old girls and boys who are hanging on, still enriching our lives and reminding us why it is we love dogs!