Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Siren is having a little morning sickness

Just like human mommies, dogs often have morning sickness. I have to be careful when I give her supplements, and make sure she eats something with them, or they upset her stomach. She's taking folic acid and fish oil (for the DHA) every day. She's looking bigger and bigger every day!!

Siren on day 38 with Jo

This is Siren pre-pregnancy (photo by Festiva)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Siren is expecting!

Our girl Siren and our Welsh import Denim were bred, and as of today -- day 36 -- it seems that they are expecting! Puppies will be whelped in South Carolina, but the puppy party will be in Virginia. Photos below of Siren's at 36 days preggo.

Siren at 36 days pregnant

Siren from above at 5 wks

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Our puppy party was a great success!!

Aimee & Bomber's puppies went home this weekend, to great people, and we had a fun puppy party to celebrate the puppies and their new families! We've started doing this with every litter and it's SO MUCH FUN! All of the families come together, we put out a great picnic lunch, and we all just hang out for the afternoon with puppies and food and fun. We have a good bit of land -- 7 acres -- so there is plenty of room in the meadow behind our house to spread out blankets and a big exercise pen for the puppies (when they are not being cuddled!!). I can't wait till the next one!