Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ashley wins a major!

We are so proud to report that the very versatile "Ashley" (UGRCH, UAGI, Timbreblue Windrydr Biker Girl, SC, FCH, RN, NAJ, CGC) has won her first major (3 points) at the Clearwater Kennel Club show in Florida today under judge Mrs. Anne Savory Bolus, handled by Aaron Wilkerson. Ashley was bred by Timbreblue and is owned by Bobbie and Fred Lutz of Winchester, Virginia.

A key to Ashley's titles:

UGRCH = UKC Grand Champion

UAGI = UKC Agility Title

SC = AKC Senior Courser (lure coursing)

FCH = ASFA Field Champion (lure coursing)

RN = AKC Rally Novice

NAJ = AKC Novice Agility Jumpers

CGC = AKC Canine Good Citizen

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