Monday, March 2, 2009

The Poop Wars

Here is Tybalt with new roommate Mico (Italian Greyhound) in a much sweeter moment.

This just in from Jessica, Matt, and Tybalt in Florida. Tybalt is one of Juliet's puppies by Justin (Ch Bohem Just in Time) Fortunately his new owners have a great sense of humor! Oh the joys of puppies...

Tybalt went out for a late night potty tonight, and when Matt brought him in, he was holding him like a baby (cradled in his arms feet up). Matt said in a cute-sy baby voice "you're such a smelly puppy!" And I noticed Tybalt's foot was caked in poop. I said "that's because he stepped in poop." We took him into the bathroom to clean it up. And of course, he chose the runniest diarrhea poop to step in so it was caked between his toes, in his nails, and in the fur.

As we were trying to figure out the best way to clean his paw, I noticed that Matt had poop on his shorts, and down the front of his shirt from when he picked Tybalt up. We both started to laugh. After trying unsucessfully to get the poop off with paper towels and soap, we decided to run his paw under the tub faucet.

This idea didn't sit well with Tybalt, and in his haste to tell us so, his poop paw smeared right across Matt's face and then landed on my bare foot. By this point, we were both laughing so hard we couldn't see straight. We finally ended up with me sitting on the edge of the tub, holding Tybalt in my lap with both of his back paws standing in the toilet (it was his back paw with the poop). He was so good natured about all of this. I'm sure he wondered why we were making such a fuss!

At the end of it, poor Matt was covered in dog poop from head to toe, and we both had tears of laughter streaming down our faces.

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Mancklin said...

They do make you laugh--in so many unexpected ways.