Friday, September 18, 2009


The puppies' eyes are open! It's funny the difference that makes -- they turn from moles into actual little dogs. They're walking now too...well, lurching and staggering anyway, and I occasionally hear a little bark from them.

Mama Juliet has gone into full bore High Princess. She no longer gets in the box with them, but reclines on her big dog bed next to it. When they cry, she stares at me. During the night she
wakes me up by nudging me in the mouth with her cold, wet nose. Then I put about half of them out with her to nurse. When they are full and dozing off, I replace them with the other half. That way she doesn't have to deal with all of them at once. She says this is much more acceptable than having 11 at a time groping at her.

Everybody is still gaining weight and coming along beautifully. We have not had to supplement any of them, so I guess if Juliet needs a little "domestic help," I don't mind providing it!

The puppycam is on most of the time at Ustream -- the password is whippets. The camera doesn't cover the whole whelping box, but I do try to keep the camera aimed at the majority of the puppies. If you check it out and it's down, try back a little later. Ustream occasionally drops the connection. Now that the pups are up and
walking, it will be a little more interesting!

I have been so busy I haven't had much time to check in on the chatroom there, but I know some of you have been using it. I'm going to try to get over there Friday evening. It's at the same Ustream address.

I'll get two-week pictures of them tomorrow and will post the link.

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