Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Letter from Jake

We get phone calls and emails every day from our puppy owners, but very, very occasionally, we get one from a puppy himself. This one arrived today from Jake, formerly Tater of the Thanksgiving Litter. It sounds like he is proving that puppies are not for the faint of heart!

Me don't know if I'm liken this or not.....momma said her was gonna send me to the don't know what that is???? I libe in a house and the only other house I remember is with gramma Sharyn and grandpa Walt.

Maybe Me should tell you how come momma is gonna send me there...Me was feelin' kindda like liddle...well almost everything here is greyhound supersized....Me was on the back porch with Rocky....Me likes Rocky, him doesn't tattle tail on me...he's not like Cody who tells momma everything me do's...ANy way Me decided to make the blue outside dog bed my was lotsa fun! First Me took off the tag and that opened the bed up so me could start bitting off pieces of the foammie was having fun bitting and throwing and making the bed just my size!

Momma peaked out to see how we were doing and ZOWieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee WOWieeeeeeeeeeeeeee me neber heard such a scarey noise...holy guacamole!!!!!!!!!! holy
crap!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whadda mouth my momma has! As her was pickin' up the foammie stuff her said her was gonna send me to the outhouse....some how me don't think me is gonna like it there!

Mom said that her didn't think me should be a mattress maker when me grows up...her liked it better when me was trimming the bushes out back last not convinced that me wants to be a bush trimmer when me grows up so me will try something another thinks me better give momma lotsa kisses before I try something else!

Northeastern Pennsylvania

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2 Hounds Design said...

OMG that is the funniest letter I've ever read!

Thanks for posting. It's things like this that make the wait for my own whippet pup bearable.