Friday, March 4, 2011

Baby Fiona and her daddy

Just thought we would share a particularly sweet moment with baby Fiona (pictured at 16 weeks) and her daddy Henry. Fiona is our keeper from the "Halloween Litter" of Rini & Henry born October 28, 2010.

Rini is "Timbreblue Colors Outside the Lines" and Henry is "Sporting Fields Move On". All three dogs (mommy Rini, daddy Henry, and baby Fiona) are at home at Timbreblue in South Carolina.

It's unusual for a stud dog to be so patient and affectionate with puppies, but Henry is just a wonderful, laid-back kinda guy.

We were so happy to get him into our breeding program, because our line started with Grandma Ivy, who is half Sporting Fields -- she's a Luke daughter (Sporting Fields Kinsman). Henry and Grandma Ivy are directly related way back there in their pedigrees!

Rini was a great natural mother this first time, delivering all ten of her pups exactly on her due date, in seven hours with no problems or stillbirths. We are planning Rini's second litter for late fall or winter of 2011. She will be bred to a blue-factored male and should have some blue and blue fawn pups in addition to other colors. Please let us know if you are interested in a Rini puppy. Visit our website to learn more about Timbreblue Whippets.

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