Sunday, October 21, 2012

Little boys ready for new homes!

We have two little whippet boys who are ready to go to new homes. Both are "older puppies" -- one 12 weeks and one 16 weeks (ages approximate; I haven't actually counted weeks lately!) The advantages of older puppies are many: already leash trained, mostly housetrained (at least paper trained), almost completely crate trained, and past the "biting your feet with little needle teeth" phase! These two are well-socialized and outgoing...and they don't get carsick! Shots and worming up to date, of course.

Winchester was bred by Jo Pelton (Rajopa Whippets) and has been here for a couple of months. He's a very nice puppy we were thinking of keeping, but decided we really don't want to deal with more boys when the girls come in season! He is affectionate and snuggly but playful. Would be great in a home with kids or other whippets.  Winnie is close to 100% "old Appraxin" breeding.

And below is Trick. Don't let that sweet face fool you! He is full of himself and happy-happy-happy. Loves attention and loves to play. Trick was born July 10, bred by Rachel Gongre (Deco) and Todd Miller (Jomyr). I was a little nervous about bringing another male puppy here with Winchester, especially since Trick was younger and smaller. I shouldn't have worried! He holds his own with Winnie and everyone else around here. He is a lovable little guy who will do well in an active home, though he certainly has his couch potato time too.

There are lots more photos of them at our Picasa site

If you're interested in either of these boys, fill out our questionnaire and give Sharyn a call at 540-464-8046. I hate to see them go, but they need to get into their own homes.

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Anonymous said...

These boys are just beautiful! I love their markings and colors. The link to more photos of them wouldn't work for me, but maybe it is just my computer. I hope they find their forever homes soon. The owners will be very lucky to have such handsome boys. Amy