Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Trick is looking for a special home

Hi guys! Our beautiful young boy Trick is looking for the perfect home. We would have loved to keep him to breed, he is a sweet, affectionate and gorgeous boy, but he didn't end up with testicles, so he is neutered now.

Trick is one year old, a red brindle and white whippet with a dramatic white head. He's playful and fun, but also happy to curl up and cuddle on the couch watching TV. He loves to chase a tennis ball and could learn to chase a frisbee pretty quickly!

Trick would do fine in a multi-dog household, or would be happy being someone's one special dog. He'd love to take long walks or go to the dog park.

Let us know if you're looking for a special boy to add to your family.


sue said...

interested as long as he is cat proof

I am willing to train him on this with a slow introduction if that would work


sue said...

I am interested in Trick. What issues if any has he had and why does he not already have a home?

I need him cat tested or assured he could get along with a small cat (a very friendly yet timid cat that gets along fine with dogs)

I am totally willing to work with Trick and introduce slowly to the cat if that helps.
Thanks - we live in Northern Va where is he?

Sharyn Hutchens said...
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Sharyn Hutchens said...

Hi Sue,
Trick went to his new home last month. He didn't have issues other than being a normal, happy, energetic whippet. Frankly the reason he was here for so long was that I was too attached to him to focus on finding him a home! But when the perfect one for him came along, I finally had to let go. By the way, cat testing for whippets only works with indoor cats. I would never trust a whippet with a cat outdoors. The prey drive is just too strong. Good luck in your search!


karen entwisle said...

hi we are looking to adopt a rescue whippet if anyone knows of one