Friday, June 19, 2009

That was quick!

Aero's two daughters have already been sold to families in Virginia. Sawyer, the boy, is still available. He's an energetic, smart little guy, very full of himself. The girls here have been putting him in his place. When he arrived, he had always been the biggest pup in the litter and figured he could pretty much do what he wanted. Wrong! I think Granny Ivy was the first one to nail him to the floor and since then Zoey (one of Candy's pups who is boarding with us for a couple of weeks) has given him a few talking-to's about proper behavior around ladies.

Mostly he and Bonnie (the other pup, whose family will come for her tomorrow) are just rolicking around the house creating more havoc than we already have....which is considerable, with one girl in season and four intact boys (not counting Sawyer!) in the house.

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