Friday, July 10, 2009

Puppy Plans

Aero's puppies are all settled in their new homes and we are planning a litter of our own for late August. We've bred Blue to Juliet and (fingers crossed) due date should be in the neighborhood of August 30. I'm hoping for a real rainbow of colors with this litter. Juliet is fawn and white but both of her parents are brindle and white. She did produce a couple of blue brindles in her first litter, so we know she carries that gene. Blue has red, black, and steel blue in his pedigree, so there is just no telling what we'll get!


Beth Levine said...

Who is Blue and what is his pedigree?

Sharyn Hutchens said...

Hi Beth,
I'll get a pedigree for this litter posted tomorrow, I hope. Blue came from Cal Perry and is a Ch Jetstream bobby Sox grandson. He actually was bred by a woman in Oregon, but Cal has had him since puppyhood and he came from Appraxin lines, so I think of him as an Appraxin dog. He's a lovely dog and should have been shown. His registered name is Amulet Appraxin Avant Garde. He's echoed clear for mitral valve disease at seven years old. Let me know if you need anything else.