Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Diana still needs a home. She was planning to go home with some wonderful folks who came last week, but we decided that her sister Mercy would be a better fit. I had thought to keep Mercy here at Timbreblue, but she just seemed a natural for the family who came. They had never had a dog and Mercy is a quiet little thing, much less active than Diana, who is a typical whippet puppy -- busy, curious and mischievous!

That leaves Di without a home for the time being, but we know her people will come. We never worry about finding the right homes for puppies. They always come. And until they do, we enjoy every day we're lucky enough to have them here!

We don't ship, so you'll need to plan a trip to Lexington, Virginia, and we do much prefer homes in which someone is home for most of the day as long as the puppy is a baby (for the first six months or so). Whippet puppies really do require attention on and off during the day, and leaving one alone in a crate for more than an hour or so can be dicey. If you think Diana might fit into your family, call us at 540-464-8046 and fill out the questionnaire on our website.

She's a glossy black girl with little white socks, the barest hint of a white tip on her tail, and a white blaze. Diana was born May 26, so she has just turned three months old.

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