Saturday, September 4, 2010

Puppies still available in Tennessee!

Terri Reedy has some lovely whippet pups ready to go to new homes. She has one who needs a show home and others just looking for people to love them!

On the left in the top picture is Darjah, the show puppy. The larger pup on the right in the picture is also looking for a home (his name is Ace) as well as is Barron, the fawn brindle in the picture below right.

If you're interested, contact Terri for more pictures and information. 

If you're thinking about a whippet but are not ready just yet, contact Julie Poole about getting on her waiting list. Besides taking the best pictures of whippets (including these!) of anyone I know, Julie has lovely dogs herself and has a litter due any time now, ready to go home in November. 

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