Thursday, October 14, 2010

AKC Breeder of Merit!

My mama taught me that it is always best to let other people do your bragging for you, but since no one else much knows about this, I guess I will just have to let my mama down this time. I'm too excited about it not to brag just a little.

We were named AKC breeders of merit today -- this is a new program designed to help people choose "good" breeders. For a number of years now, a big problem has been breeders who advertise on the web and ship dogs out with no one ever having been to the house/kennel. They put pictures of beautiful dogs and kennels on the site and people placing an order for a puppy have no way of knowing whether the pictures are actually what they purport to be or even whether they're dealing with a substandard breeder or a good one.

To become a breeder of merit, you have to have been involved in the AKC world for five years or more, be a member of an AKC approved club, do all the health testing on breeding stock recommended by your parent club (the American Whippet Club in our case), attempt to achieve 100% registration by your puppy owners, and have AKC titles on at least four dogs you've bred.

Apparently our registration papers will now have a gold border around them. Thanks, AKC -- it truly is nice to be recognized for trying to do it right! (Even if I can hear Mama turning in her grave...)

AKC Breeder of Merit (!!!)


Jeanne said...

How awesome! Congratulations!!

Tina Perriguey said...

Congratulations Sharyn & Walt!!! Well-deserved honor.