Friday, October 1, 2010

Rini is expecting a litter!

Henry and Rini, parents-to-be
We're delighted to announce that "Rini" (aka Timbreblue Colors Outside the Lines) and "Henry" (Sporting Fields Move On) are expecting a litter on or about October 31. Puppies will be ready to go home to their new homes in mid-January. Rini has a pregnancy blog where we are keeping track of all the changes she is going through and all of the prenatal care that we provide.

Rini is the first solid blue born and bred at Timbreblue, so she is extra special. We're expecting a wide range of colors, from blue, black, brindle, fawn, and possibly red. We have a waiting list for the litter, and if you are interested, please visit our website where you can review our price and guarantee and fill out our puppy questionnaire.

One thing we KNOW we'll get from this litter are amazing temperaments. Rini is just a cuddlebug and loves to give hugs and kisses like her mother, Juliet. Henry is very unusual for a stud dog, in that he also is very sweet and affectionate, and gets along wonderfully with males and females. They are both playful, fun dogs, and both have great pedigrees for show and performance. We're counting the days!!

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