Sunday, September 16, 2012

Illicit Love: The Litter That Whippets Planned

Juliet (UKC Ch Timbreblue Loves a Romeo) was supposed to be retired from the whelping box and getting herself in shape for a career in freestyle dancing with our friend Bev Crawley. But in July, Blue that silver-tongued devil from her past, (Appraxin Amulet Avant- Garde) talked her into one more time for old time's sake, and the results of their hanky panky arrived in our whelping box Friday night/Saturday morning. The next one of our girls who decides to whelp when I have a combined gastroenteritis and very bad cold may well find herself in South Carolina at daughter Jo's house for the duration! That was one miserable night, which is sad, because I usually really love birthin' babies.

Anyway, the final total was not Juliet's usual 12, but only seven...thank you, Jules! Five females and two males. It doesn't get any better than that. Three fawns, one blue, one black, a black and white parti and a blue fawn and white parti. Here are the girls, and I'll do a separate post for the boys in the morning. 


And one more of Vixen because it was too cute to leave out.

Juliet is as serene and happy as she always is when mothering. I have never had a whippet who loves having babies as much as she does. Well, except maybe Chippy, who has been taking care of our "foster kids" (see previous post). She goes out with them, eats with them, plays with them, and has been teaching them how to be responsible dog citizens. (We still have a male available from that litter, by the way.)

Back to Juliet: She did have a little nervous spell this afternoon -- didn't want to stay in the box and when she was in there, kept digging up the bedding and losing the puppies in it. Very un-Juliet-like I gave her some liquid calcium and she settled back down. I wonder if that trick works for human mothers.

Tomorrow, the boys!


Johannah Layson Hutchens Gage said...

The puppy labeled Tryst above is actually one of the boys! We will fix this asap. Jo

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these wonderful puppy pictures! Amy

Paintdogs said...

Fabulous little pups. We have a Timbre Blue descendant of our own, Merlin Whirlin bred by Naydene and arrived at our home through Tangie. Merlin was a little traumatized by Tangie big pack so he came to our little one. We lost our oldest and first ever whippet this spring. Tippe was the one that started it all for us. Still makes me cry and we have one that has just not bounced back after losing Tippe, just considering a puppy to pull everyone here back together. You have beautiful dogs. Vicki