Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Boys...and a Sex Change

Okay, not really a sex change, but I did post a picture of Rake (fawn boy puppy) and  label him as Tryst (fawn girl puppy).  So, first the correction.  THIS is Tryst.

And THIS is Rake. I think you'll understand how I got a bit confused.

The second boy, Rogue, never gets mixed up with the others. He looks like a very sloppy painter's drop cloth.

Here are a couple of especially cute ones from today. They're gaining weight and doing well. More tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Rake and Tryst look so much alike! I can't handle all of the cuteness in these photos. Can't wait for more updates! Amy

Anonymous said...

It was fun watching them being weighed on Wednesday afternoon, 9/26, and how their mom licked them when they were returned from the scale. :-)