Monday, January 21, 2013

More boy joy

Couldn't resist these latest pics of Beca Zaun's Ohio boys. Their mom is Moka, Ch Timbreblue Abraxas Mocha Martini. She says Gibson in particular would be an excellent obedience or rally dog...he's unusually attentive to her.  This is Gibbs.

Did you call me?

Gibson catching zzzzz's

Okay, all boys look a little dopey sometimes...

Mom, stop with the camera already! We're sleeping here!

And here's Jack!

Was that a rabbit?
Let's DO something!

Could he get any cuter?

Well, yeah, this is cuter...

And just because we are so darn proud of Beca and Moka, here's a picture of them taking Best of Winners at the Dayton Kennel Club show when Moka was only six months old!

Moka's boys are available to people who will give them all the love whippet boys deserve! Contact Beca at

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