Monday, February 18, 2013

What Cooper (Winchester) has learned

Winchester (now Cooper) has been in his home in North Carolina with Hugh and Jean Bartlett now for a few weeks. Hugh and Jean own Cammie, from the Flower Children litter, and two other whippets, Geordie and Britt. Here is what we hear from him:

 This is what Cooper Winchester Bartlett has learned in these last two weeks, per Cooper.

You can only get on furniture that has cover on it.  If you err, Mom tells you to get down in a VERY LOUD voice and then shows you the correct place.

You can NEVER, NEVER, NEVER put your feet on ANY table.  I learned that pretty fast.

Don't bring toys or chewies onto the people bed.

Wait your turn for your dinner.  Geordie goes first, Britt goes next, I finally get mine, and I don't care who goes next.

Mom took me for a walk by myself once.  Then she took me again with Cammie.
Dad took me once by myself and once with Geordie.  We all went for walks with everybody.  There's rules there too but I'm not too clear on them. Both people say I walk very well, whatever that means.

The people tell me easy when I'm nervous and pet my back.  I like that a lot.

Dad puts his hand out and uses it for a target.  I put my nose on his hand and get a treat.  Pretty cool.

I have to sit for a treat.  Mom says I situationally sit but Dad thinks I really know the word.

Don't mess with Britt when she has a chewie.

Geordie is pretty cool and does some really interesting stuff in the yard.

Cammie is fun to play with but is sometimes a little scarey.  Mom makes her stop playing and lets me in the house so I'm not scared.

Mom is wondering if the honeymoon is over.  I have no idea what she's talking about.

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