Thursday, November 12, 2015

Another Visitor and Some Naps!

If you have not been following this blog and don't know the story of the Cirpets (pronounced Chur-pets), please note that this is an unintended but cherished litter. The sire is our whippet
 Denim and dam is Rowan, the Cirneco dell'Etna. It is a breeding that will certainly not be repeated, but it has been fun to watch them grow and develop. We're considering a chastity belt for Mom.

So our friend Bev came to visit the Cirpets yesterday and they had a ball showing her just how much fun and mischief they could get into!

Daphne claimed Bev immediately. 

  ...and a bone.

Dashiell and Wilkie shared another bone (for awhile...the brotherly love did not last long with a bone in play.)

 Conan, ever sensible, found his own chewie.
  Checked out the situation

   Wilkie looked for trouble

    Recruited brother Dashiell  

And together they claimed the favorite chair. declaring it a girl-free zone.

Dashiell nodded off while Wilkie kept watch for intruders.

Daphne didn't care. She knew she was Bev's favorite.

 Conan, as usual, was minding his own business and staying out of trouble, 


 And even outlaws have to sleep sometimes.

Timbreblue Talks in Class "Whisper," Bev's constant companion and freestyle dancing queen, was not sorry to see them pass out.

Daphne held out for a little longer before joining Conan for her nap.

The End

Dashiell and Wilkie are still available as of November 12.  Write Sharyn if you're interested in a funny, active companion who will be ready to do whatever strikes your fancy!

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