Sunday, November 8, 2015

Cirpets Take Over the Living Room

Well, Edgar went home Thursday, and he is now Brodie. He lives with the Bartletts in North Carolina, who also have Tiger Lily's sister Cammie and one of the Pelton pups, Cooper. Also Geordie, a rescue, and Britt, from Yvonne Sovereign. I think the Bartletts are officially over the edge now and have joined the Potato Chip Club. We love placing dogs with them because they do so much with them. Brodie is fated to become a therapy dog!

While they were here to pick up Brodie, they got to meet Dashiell too. I didn't bring the whole puppy pack out because I was afraid they might change their minds if they saw the effect all five would have on the living room.

And Thursday my friend Beth came to play with the puppies that are left. Aimee and Juliet had their doubts as to whether Beth would stay once the puppies were brought in.

Conan was his usual sweet self, chewing contentedly on a rawhide and then taking a nap.

 Daphne spent the whole time being photogenic. Her life mission is to be the Cutest Puppy in the World, and she works hard at it.

 By the end of the day, even Siren had decided she wasn't so bad and actually shared a chair with her. This is huge.

And Dashiell was Dashiell. Busy but not insane. 


Wilkie, as usual, was Wilkie. No further comment.


As far as how they are turning out physically, Beth and I determined that Daphne and Dashiell look pretty much like purebred whippet puppies at this point and Cirneco is more visible in Conan and Wilkie.

There was actually no permanent damage to the living room and Beth will recover from the puppy bites and scratches. Most everyone is past the biting stage. Except Wilkie. He and I are going to have to work on that before he has more company. Definitely before Beth will come back.

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