Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Our puppycams

We invite you to visit our mamas with their babies ... Siren welcomed a litter in Virginia with Sharyn on June 12 and Fiona had her babies in South Carolina with Jo on July 14.

Siren's puppycam:

Fiona's puppycam:


New to whippets? 

The only book you need about whippets: is the BEST book about whippets ... it answers many of the questions you might have. It's a quick read and inexpensive. It covers the basics about the breed, pros and cons, quirks, and really captures the essence of whippets. It answers a lot of the basic questions about whippets, and can also teach experience whippet owners a thing or two. 

Visit our website to learn more about whippets and find out about our puppies and our breeding ethics. Fill out our questionnaire to start a conversation with us about whippets.

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