Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Yay! It's BarkBox day!

Rini with today's BarkBox
Yay!! Our BarkBox arrived! Rini is excited!! My whippets loooove BarkBox. If you'd like to try BarkBox, use this link and both you and I will get a free box.
BarkBox is a monthly surprise box with 2 toys, 2 bags of treats or cookies, and a chewie -- all corresponding to the month's fun theme. There are options available for extra toys, and there is a free upgrade for super chewers. Every toy is guaranteed, so if your dog doesn't like it, or destroys it in 5 minutes, you can contact them for a credit in their BarkStore (with free shipping).

We have the "extra toy" option, so each month we get 3 premium guaranteed chew-proof toys instead of two. They have all been a hit with our whippets except for one, and BarkBox quickly offered a $15 credit to their store when I emailed them -- with free shipping, and didn't require me to return the toy. The themes are also fun -- my husband Derek loves the packaging, it always has fun stories and illustrations.
My dogs have become convinced lately that every single box that comes into the house is actually BarkBox, and they are disappointed when allowed to inspect and they discover a box is a non-BarkBox. Fiona's longtime conspiracy theory about the UPS man continues to stand, however. She doesn't seem to credit him with the monthly arrival of the BarkBox. 

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