Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ivy makes her mark

Ivy has been sleeping in the laundry basket outside Sharyn & Walt's room for several years now. It's "her place" and it's sacred. She also insists (with a firm bark) that Sharyn cover her up with a blankie before bed.

Kevin Harris, owner of Tango, who is Juliet's litter sister from the Candy and Arthur phonetics litter, sent this today: "For the past couple of years now I have begun to notice certain things about Tango's behavior which seem to be very close or identical to some of the things her grandmother, Ivy, does. Well today she just took the cake and now I am 100% certain that Ivy has been coaching Tango whenever there's a reunion.

I came upstairs this afternoon and found Tango in the hall outside my the last place I thought I'd ever find Tango...see photo. (It's a bad photo - mainly because I rushed to take it with my iPhone and I was laughing)

The circle is complete!"

You can definitely see the Ivy in her kids and grandkids and great-grands!

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