Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What is fridge poetry?

Someone asked me what that means -- sorry, I didn't realize it wasn't a familiar term to everyone. Several years ago, some company came out with little boxes of random words printed on magnets. You put them on the fridge and arrange them into "poems" -- pretty limited poems since you have to work with the words you have! Anyway, a friend gave me the "dog poetry" box a few years ago and since then our fridge has become a repository for bad dog poetry, created mostly by me, though Walt moves a few pieces sometimes. All the poems have a story --- the one I posted yesterday was about the day Ivy finally got fed up with German Shepherd puppy Dallas and bit his leg. Following is our favorite.

Dogs poop and pee
Who did this?
Beg, smile, wag
No food for you
Dirty butt mutt.

Okay, like I said it is bad poetry  But it's fun.


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